Tomorrow’s Energy Leaders Call for Leadership From Trump Today

January 19, 2017

BERC has joined a coalition of student energy clubs from across the country in urging the Trump administration to demonstrate leadership on clean energy, and promote support for an industry critical to future American prosperity. In an open letter addressed directly to President-Elect Trump, student leaders highlight the continued and burgeoning success of the clean energy industry, its importance to American infrastructure and job creation, and its necessity in ensuring the country remains a global economic leader. The letter also details a number of suggestions as to how best the Trump administration can showcase this leadership:

  1. Fair tax and subsidy policies that focus on delivering benefits to the American public rather than propping up rent-seeking incumbent industries.
  2. Increased funding for critical advanced energy technology research and development programs, including the internationally renowned work of the national labs and federal science agencies.
  3. Innovative financial models, such as green banks, that help lower the cost of new technologies and allow businesses to attract investment in new projects and new jobs.

The open letter, entitled “Tomorrow’s Energy Leaders Need Leadership from Trump Today: An Open Letter from US Graduate Students” can be read here, and an accompanying Op-Ed in Greentech Media can be found here.