While there are several programs and events that BERC members do through the course of the year, these events are the cream of the BERC crop.  Be sure to put them in your calendar, and if you want to be involved in the production and coordination of these events, get in touch with our VPs of Events.

Energy Summit: BERC’s flagship event is the annual Energy Summit, which brings together over 600 energy leaders to engage in fruitful discourse on the most pressing energy challenges. It is the premier and largest student-run energy conference on the West Coast.

Resources Symposium:The UC Berkeley Resources Symposium is an annual conference that strives to present diverse and often conflicting perspectives on the cutting-edge science and policy initiatives that will shape our shared future.

BERCshops: BERCshops bring in speakers to talk about the latest energy and resource trends. BERCshop events are typically held once per month throughout the school year.

BERC TreksBERC treks provide members the opportunity to learn more about Bay Area companies focused on energy and resources. Treks usually involve touring offices and meeting with employees to understand company missions and priorities.