Meet Kevin de León! Keynote speaker at BERC Summit 2019

February 14, 2019

BERC Summit 2019

While much of our work at BERC focuses on technology, innovation and the private sector, it is important to remember that policy has some of the most critical impacts on climate and energy solutions. Without strong public leadership and vision on issues like climate change, the implementation and reach of innovation is hampered. That is why we are particularly thrilled to have Kevin de León, as the 2019 BERC Summit  keynote speaker.

Kevin has been an integral part of developing California’s global leadership on climate policy. He ran as a candidate for United States Senate in 2018, and has been working in politics since 2010, serving first in the California State Assembly representing Downtown and East Los Angeles before successfully running for State Senate in 2014. Most recently, Kevin served as the state sponsor of Senate Bill 100, last year’s proposal to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2045. Senate Bill 100 committed California to continue to path towards 100% fossil fuel free electricity with a focus on high quality job creation and grid decarbonization. Kevin’s commitment to energy solutions in a time of uncertain federal legislative priority has made significant contributions to the political viability of California’s climate goals. You can learn more about Kevin’s work and Senate Bill 100 here and here. Get tickets to the BERC Energy Summit 2019 to hear from Kevin himself on his work, California’s climate goals, and the future of energy policy.