Activity Round Up, Spring Quarter, Part 2

May 30, 2017

Hi Energy Enthusiasts!

The Stanford Energy Club has been up to a lot this quarter and we’re going to end with a bang this week as students and faculty transition to finals and summer.

Bloom Energy Tour

Energy Club members had the opportunity to go visit Bloom Energy’s power generation systems which utilize an innovative new fuel cell energy technology with roots in NASA’s Mars program. Students learned a lot and got to see cutting edge research in action

Stanford Energy Club and Law School Mixer

Folks from the Energy Club and Law School had the opportunity to meet over BBQ and discuss the school, energy policy, and more! It was great to have two parts of campus that don’t often interact much get to discuss and collaborate in a casual and fun setting.

SESI Central Energy Facility Tour

The SEC toured Stanford’s new Central Energy Facility and see how it uses a water and energy re-use system to create huge energy and water savings for the university. It was interesting to hear about the challenges of implementing this technology at such a huge scale including the massive replacement of steam pipes required to make the transition to the new system.

Interview Workshop

Experts in the Energy field came to give Stanford Energy Club members advice on approaching interviews in the energy industry. This hands-on workshop enabled attendees to walk away with immediately applicable skills.

What’s next

This week, the Energy Club will host their signature event “Energy 360: Envisioning the 2050 Energy Landscape” and will host a panel on taking Govtech ideas to market featuring the team from Berkeley Labs.