What is BERC?


Welcome to the New BERC Website!

The Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) is a multidisciplinary network of UC Berkeley students, alumni, faculty, industry professionals, and advisers. Our mission is to connect, educate, and engage members in order to foster the innovation and action needed for a brighter energy future. Founded in 2006, BERC now serves over 1,000 members, representing 13 colleges and 29 departments across the University at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

What We Do:

To connect members and provide opportunities to the UC Berkeley Campus, BERC organizes and hosts events, runs programs, builds partnerships, and serves as a platform to connect with other members interested in energy and resources.

How To Join:

Joining BERC can be as small or as big of a commitment as you want. By clicking the “Join” button above, you’ll start receiving our weekly email, the Dispatch, which highlights events, opportunities and more. If you would like to join a specific community, you can reach out here!

BERC Events:

We organize several events throughout the year. Our flagship event, the BERC Energy Summit and Innovation Expo, is a professional energy conference that attracts over 500 energy leaders from across the US and is usually held in February. Other annual events include Resources Roundtable and Smogathon in the fall, and CleanWeb Hackathon in the spring. Throughout the year, we also host BERCshops, which are panel discussions held once a month that bring academic and industry experts to campus to discuss and debate pressing energy and resource issues. Lastly, in the fall, BERC runs an Alternative Energy Speaker Series class at Haas which brings speakers from various careers in industry to share their roles and experiences. Other events include BERC Career Night, BERC Alumni Night and BERC Happy Hours.

BERC Programs:

One of BERC’s mostly popular programs is Berkeley Innovative Solutions (BIS) which match industry, government or non-profit consulting projects with teams of Berkeley students for a semester. BERC also supports SEED, which teaches elementary and high-school students about the science behind energy and resources. Lastly, BERC hosts the Department of Energy’s Cleantech University Prize each year - find out more here.

BERC Partnerships:

We are fortunate to partner with several institutions on and off campus. At UC Berkeley, BERC works closely with both the Energy Institute at the Haas School of Business and the Cleantech to Market program at Haas. We are also deeply grateful for the support of several departments to help serve our members. Externally, we partner with some of the best companies around, which you can learn more about here.


Are you an undergraduate interested in energy and resources? BERC-U is our undergraduate branch, and you can learn more about events and opportunities for undergrads here!

BERC Communities:

If you are interested in a specific subset of what BERC is all about, check out our communities page to find out more. Communities are groups of students who are passionate about specific issues and meet to discuss and connect. Don’t see a group with your interests? Start a new community by reaching out here.

BERC Leadership:

BERC runs on the passion and dedication of volunteer student leaders. Our 9 person executive team oversees a leadership team of almost 40 that works hard all year to bring you opportunities and events. Our Advisory Board, made up of professionals and academics from multiple fields within energy and resources, helps to guide and advise the student leadership team with their expert and invaluable perspective!