About BERC

The Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) is a multidisciplinary network of UC Berkeley students, alumni, faculty, industry professionals, and advisers who seek to turn world-leading research into world-changing solutions by tackling tough and timely energy and environmental challenges. More specifically, BERC’s mission is to connect, educate, and engage its members in order to foster innovation and action.

BERC Events

BERC’s flagship event is our annual Energy Summit, which occurs in the Spring and is a professional energy conference that attracts over 600 energy leaders.

BERC also hosts the annual Resources Roundtable which occurs in the Fall and highlights cutting edge research on the resource issues of today, the annual CleanWeb Hackathon which occurs in the Fall and challenges interdisciplinary teams of students to tackle energy/resource issues in 24 hours using data and/or APIs volunteered by industry, and the annual Innovation Expo which occurs in conjunction with the Energy Summit and is a Berkeley student energy/resource poster competition with thousands of dollars in cash prizes.

BERC Programs

BERC has so many ways to get involved – whether it is consulting for a leading energy or resource firm through BERC Innovative Solutions (BIS) Consulting, teaching elementary and high-school students a thing or two about the science behind energy and resources through the Students for Environmental Energy Development (SEED) program, or founding a new energy or resource company and competing to win $50,000 to kick it off through the Department of Energy sponsored Cleantech University Prize competition, BERC members know how to have fun and learn while making a difference.

BERC Members

If you are interested in becoming a BERC member, please click the “Join” button at the top of the screen, and also checkout the many benefits we offer our members. Also check out the details on the many ways you can get involved with BERC on our Join page.

If you are a student and would like to receive BERC’s weekly Newsletter outlining upcoming energy/resource events and opportunities, please contact membership@berc.berkeley.edu and be sure to let us know which program you are in at Cal so we can introduce you to your liaison.

BERC’s History

BERC has been around for over a decade bringing energy and resource opportunities to the Berkeley campus and its students. In addition to BERC’s core programs such as BERC Innovative Solutions (BIS) Consulting, and the BERC communities, BERC has founded programs across campus that have since sprouted legs of their own. For example, Cleantech to Market (C2M), a partnership between students, scientists, engineers, and professionals to translate cleantech research, green chemistry, and water research into market opportunities, was originally founded by BERC in 2009. C2M gained momentum very quickly, and in 2010 became a full course at the Haas School of Business, in partnership with the Energy Institute at Haas. BERC also aided in defining the mission of the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI) through a BIS Consulting project. BERC and BECI are now close partners and co-administer the Department of Energy Cleantech University Prize.