Berkeley Innovative Solutions (BIS) Consulting Program

The Spring 2018 Student Applications are available. Please fill out your application by 1/28/2018 midnight.

Spring 2018 Student Application Due 1/28

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The BIS Consulting program works to link company projects with teams of interdisciplinary graduate students from the UC Berkeley campus.  The program is dedicated to working with clients to address strategic opportunities or challenges relating to the energy and resource industry, and for 2018 we’re proud to expand our offerings to include corporate sustainability and sustainable investing, in partnership with the Berkeley-Haas Center for Responsible Business.

Teams are designed to meet their clients’ needs with complementary areas of academic focus (e.g., policy, engineering, business, etc) and past professional experience.  The opportunity for students to collaborate across academic disciplines provides both a unique experience for student participants and a rich perspective for BIS clients.  These teams of 4-5 graduate students work between 5-8 hours per week per student as pro-bono consultants for one semester, or 8 to 10 weeks (roughly 400 man hours or one full time employee for 10 weeks.)  Project tasks and deliverables are decided between the team and the client.  

Clients dedicate at least one hour per week to meet with their BIS Consulting team, but we always encourage our clients to interact with our consultants more frequently. The more participation on the part of the company, the higher the quality of the project overall. It is encouraged for companies to host students at their offices during semester or for companies to provide specific training if the project requires.

 Our clients include large, well-known companies (such as Siemens, pictured above hosting a BIS team) and local startups. Past clients of the BIS Consulting program include municipal organizations, venture capital firms, multinational conglomerates, independent power producers, and start-up companies. Past clients of the Center for Responsible Business include companies in the apparel, consumer goods, and investment sectors.

Previous consulting engagements have addressed issues such as:

  • Market assessment – customer segmentation, market analysis, and due diligence
  • Organizational strategy – growth strategy, go-to-market strategy and business model considerations for new products/services
  • Policy research – proposal analysis, regulatory barrier assessment, and policy strategy
  • Investment analysis – analysis on new innovation, technology, or sector potential
  • Scenario planning – economic/policy-based  planning workshops
  • Impact assessment – LCAs, quantitative and qualitative measurements and marketing

Any inquiries about BIS Consulting may be directed to the 2018 BIS Consulting Directors at


BIS Consulting projects run twice annually, once in the Spring Semester (Feb. to May) and once in the Fall Semester (Sept. to Dec.). The BIS Consulting Director team works with clients during Winter (Dec. to Jan.) and Summer (Aug. to Sept.) to help identify and scope project opportunities. Companies may submit multiple projects per semester and are encouraged to participate year-round. BIS Consulting cannot guarantee that the supply of students will match the demand of projects, but we do our best to make sure each client project receives a team of students.











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