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The Fall 2017 BIS Consulting company applications have now closed. If your organization would like to participate in the BIS Consulting program in Spring 2018, please contact with your interest.

For students interested in participating in Spring 2017, please join BERC using the “Join” button on the top right-hand side of this page. There will be two information sessions available early in the Spring semester. Students are required to attend at least one in order to participate in the program. The student application deadline for Spring 2018 will be announced shortly.

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BERC Innovative Solutions (BIS) Consulting is an energy and resources-focused consulting program led by students from across UC Berkeley’s top graduate departments. The program’s evolution has been driven by demand from both students and organizations in business, nonprofit and government.

BIS Consulting is dedicated to working with clients to address their strategic energy and resources opportunities and challenges, while providing talented students with experiential learning through meaningful projects. The BIS Consulting application process matches balanced teams with complementary areas of academic focus and past professional experience with the skill sets needed to meet each client’s needs. Collaborating across academic disciplines provides both unique opportunities for student participants and rich perspectives for BIS Consulting clients.

BIS Consulting engagements focus on projects like the following:

  • Market Assessments – customer segmentation, market assessment
  • Organizational Strategy – growth strategy, go-to-market strategy
  • Policy Research and Proposal Analysis – regulatory barrier assessment, policy strategy
  • Scenario Planning – economic/policy based planning workshops


BIS Consulting teams consist of 3-5 students depending on project scope. Each team member should plan to dedicate 5-8 hours a week to BIS Consulting and can expect to work directly with client project leadership. Projects will be based on the semester calendar with an average duration of 8-10 weeks. Teams will be given materials covering consulting best practices compiled by leading consultants in the sector.


Companies are expected to provide a clear project that can be completed in one semester (8-10 weeks) by the team. Companies should assume time spent on the project will roughly equal the time of one full time employee (40 hours per week). At minimum we ask that one company liaison plan to spend one hour per week checking in with and guiding the students and that one dedicated point of contact within the company be provided. Historically, the more participation on the part of the company, the higher the quality of the project overall. It should be noted that the BIS Consulting management team does not require access to team files and therefore if NDAs are required, only the team itself will need to be included.

Beyond that, the terms of the arrangement and any deliverables are negotiated between the BIS Consulting Team Lead and the company.

It is not uncommon for companies to host/transport students to present their work at the end of the semester, to provide small stipends for the students to spend on food to fuel their meetings, or for companies to provide specific training as required.
Any inquiries about BIS Consulting may be directed to Chris Hsien & Mariana Martinez, the 2016-17 Director of BIS Consulting , at











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