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BERC China Focus is dedicated to learning about China’s developments in the environmental and energy-related sectors. As you may know, China is one of the world’s leaders in pursuing more sustainable technologies, and we feel that no significant progress in alternative energy or climate change can be made without China’s cooperation.
Our members publish weekly sector-specific China news summaries in the BERC blog (Blogs written fall semester 2012 found here: . We also hold regular meetings to engage in multi-faceted discussions to analyze cultural, political, and economic factors in these developments. In addition, we work with campus faculty as well as China-related non-profits and businesses throughout the Bay Area to host events and work on collaborative projects.


Affiliated Departments:
  • Boalt School of Law
  • Civil Engineering
  • Center for Chinese Studies
  • LBNL: China Energy Group
  • Environmental Economics and Policy


Meetings: Bi-weekly on Thursday evenings around 6-8 pm, (usually lasts an hour)


Established Year: 2010 (or for direct contact with editor)
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