SEED volunteers work with the same group of students for a semester, primarily by leading experiments exploring energy science and mentoring projects. There are two components of SEED’s outreach:

After-School Program: Volunteers work with small groups of 4th or 5th graders at La Escuelita Elementary School in Oakland implementing hands-on projects to demonstrate basic energy concepts. After school sessions are held every Friday afternoon. Volunteers will have a chance to contribute to lesson plans and energy fair format. SEED volunteers find mentoring a great way to unwind on Friday afternoons while giving something back to the community!

High School Program: Volunteers mentor small groups of Berkeley High School juniors and seniors enrolled in Integrated Science. In the fall, mentors lead lessons exploring the efficiency of conversion devices such as solar cells, thermoelectric generators, and wind turbines. In the spring, mentors help students design and conduct experiments to engineer the efficiency of one device. Mentors lead lessons at Berkeley High School every other week.

To get involved with these opportunities or learn more, please contact us.