BERC External Events Funding Program

Funding is distributed based on funding requests submitted to the BERC Executive Team. All BERC members are eligible to apply for reimbursement for approved events, including:

  • Energy & Resource Case Competitions
  • Energy & Resource Conferences

Note: academic conferences outside of BERC’s purview are not eligible

For approved events, you are eligible to be reimbursed 50% of your costs up to $150 per person per semester. Up to $1500 will be reimbursed for groups of 10 or larger. The actual amount approved can vary due to a variety of factors, including:

  • Trip Purpose
  • Total Trip Expenses
  • Number of Attendees
  • Other demands for program funding

If you want to ensure you are eligible for reimbursement prior to making a commitment to attend an event please email with the subject line External Events Funding Request with information about the event and your expected costs. You will then receive notification from the executive team on whether or not the event is eligible for the program. This approval will NOT include the amount for which you are eligible; that will be determined through the formal application process.

Applications will be completed using the following Application Form. If applying for group funding, only one application per group is necessary. Receipts must be emailed to prior to completing the application. In addition, prior to submitting the application, one representative from the event must submit a blog post to the BERC blog about the event. Once the application has been approved you will be contacted and funds will be disbursed via a PayPal Account.