China Focus

About us: who we are, what we do, and our missions & values:
China Focus is interested in 1) environmental and energy challenges in China, and 2) China’s developments in the environmental- and energy-related sectors. As the world’s fastest growing economy, China is facing many environmental and energy challenges on the road to development, such as air, pollution in major cities, water pollution in rural areas, and chemical explosions at sites. At the same time, China is also one of the world’s leaders in pursuing more sustainable technologies for an innovation-based economy as an effort to combat global climate change. U.S and China, being the two largest carbon emitters in the world, need to seek more collaboration in any major or minor way to mitigate and adapt to climate change problems. China Focus thus serves as a platform for interested parties for discussion and group participation in solving these climate change issues.

Our members work with campus faculty as well as China-related non-profits and businesses throughout the Bay Area to host events and work on collaborative projects. In addition, we publish bi-weekly newsletters that feature relevant events, career opportunities, and news.

Affiliated Departments:
  • Boalt School of Law
  • Civil Engineering
  • Center for Chinese Studies
  • LBNL: China Energy Group
  • Environmental Economics and Policy
Meetings: Bi-weekly on Monday evenings around 8-9 pm
Established Year: 2010
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