Cal - Renewable and Adaptive Energy (CAL-RAE)

Cal – Renewable and Adaptive Energy (CAL-RAE), is a Berkeley interdisciplinary organization committed to addressing the energy challenges facing communities in the developing world. Currently, more than 2 billion people on the planet live without access to reliable energy services. These individuals are hindered in their ability to participate in activities that provide pathways out of poverty. CAL-RAE is a collaborative setting established to address issues regarding the technical, environmental, economic, and social aspects involved in the design and implementation of resilient and adaptive power technologies for the energy-poor. Specific areas of interest within the group include: micro and crowd finance for small energy projects; spatial analytics of distributed energy generation; micro-grid design optimization; power electronics R&D; micro-grid management software design; and energy survey automation. CAL-RAE is open to all members of the Berkeley community who are interested in any of the multiple aspects associated with off grid energy access.

Affiliated departments: Energy and Resources Group, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Materials Science, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Economics and Policy, Sociology, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering
Established year: 2012
Contact info: Austin Cappon (, Jalel Sager (
Meeting schedule: biweekly