BERC Communities

Are you a leader of a group that would like to be affiliated with BERC? Let us know by emailing!
BERC Communities are specialized forums for UC Berkeley students and community members who share an interest in a particular energy- or resource-related topic. Each of these independent, student-led groups provides a network for interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration
Want to join a BERC Community? Browse the list below of available groups and get in touch with their organizers. 



Energy Markets


Nuclear Energy Group

BERC-Engineering (BERC-E) leads informal discussions on technically-focused topics such as electric utility structure, nuclear energy, and emerging technologies.

Students for Environmental Energy Development (SEED) organizes public outreach about the science of energy use and conversion using activity-based lessons.

New group that meets monthly with rotating student speakers to share current research projects and get peer feedback.

Newly revived group that helps members develop skills, gain access to resources, and complete coding projects related to sustainability.

Discussion group to share each one's nuclear stories with a hope to start a dialogue with those who are scared or/and skeptical of nuclear power

Primary Audience: Engineers, but accessible to anyone interested

Primary Audience: Organized by engineering students, serves children and non-scientific public  Primary Audience: Graduate students in Economics, Business, Public Policy, Energy & Resources Group Primary Audience: Undergraduates, but offers some programming of general interest Primary Audience: Anyone with an interest in nuclear energy





BERC communities that are not currently active include:

Looking to join a group that you don’t see represented here? Please contact BERC’s VP of Membership(link sends e-mail) to find out how to create a BERC community and how BERC can support it.