September 12, 2016


Major/Field of Study
Molecular and Cell Biology

Tell us what you’re working on!
As a postdoc in the Molecular Cell Biology Department I am working on investigating geometric patterns exhibited by hotspots of gene clusters in pluripotent cells in order to elucidate the mechanisms by which they cooperate or compete in order to differentiate or retain pluripotency.
Outside of the lab, I have been working on a consulting project for a government energy agency under Berkeley Innovative Solutions (BIS) which aimed at saving energy in households as well as increasing consciousness on energy savings. Despite some difficulties along the way, my partner as well as the client made this a project both effectual and enjoyable.

What’s next for you?
I used to think that one of the biggest of humanity’s problems was disease and disorders. I believed that curing diseases and prolonging our lives would lead to something emergent that would create well-being and equal opportunities to all. While direly important, what I realize through time that the most urgent and deadly disease of humanity today is inequality. And this type of disease cannot be solved from a scientific laboratory.
The next stop in my career path will be management consulting, where I aim to learn about the side of the world that I have continuously failed to consider in my endeavors as a scientist. Learning about humanity’s mode of operandum in economics, our behavior in a society and as a species, I hope to first of all, learn, and second, maybe even find some solutions to the most urgent problems in the world today.

How did you get interested in energy?
As climate change and inequality inevitably exacerbate each other, it is not surprising that I consider climate change one of the big problems humanity faces.

BERC Factor
BERC, apart from giving me the opportunity to work in the consulting project of BIS, provided me with an immense amount of knowledge about climate change and what humanity is doing to diagnose, quantify and eventually slow its progression to a viable standard. In particular, the consulting project I was involved in pursues bringing awareness and possibility of energy-saving improvements to all homes of the U.S., including the majority who is unable to afford extensive audits or pricey home improvements. It has been refreshing to say the least for me to work on a project whose immediate impact one can estimate, if not hopefully observe, in the near future.

Fictional character you most identify with
Pumba, because I am a fierce warrior that loves to eat and dance.