About Joining BERC

Joining BERC:

  • Regardless of your interests within energy and resources, BERC has something for everyone. If you’d like to get involved, the first step is to complete the new member form, which can be accessed through the “Join BERC” button at the top of our website. This will connect you with your departmental liaison and our weekly Dispatch email, which is the best way to stay up to date with the amazing events happening on campus and in the Bay Area. The next step is to join us at one of the dozens of events or programs we host throughout the year. Check out the roadmap below to see what sort of BERC event you would like to attend first.



Keep in mind that these are just suggestions for getting started - there are many more BERC events, programs, and communities (check out the relevant pages for more information).


Keeping up with BERC:

  • In addition to the weekly Dispatch, you can stay connected with BERC through the LinkedIn Group, Twitter, Facebook, and the BERC Calendar. The BERC calendar is particularly useful for keeping up with current events in the BERC community.


Making your mark on BERC:

  • Is there something new that you would like to see here? Let’s make it happen! Email the VP of membership at membership-berc@berkeley.edu if you’d like to organize a BERCshop, start or revitalize a community, or make your mark on BERC in any other way. As a grassroots organization, we look forward to working with you on whatever your passion is.


Join the Leadership Team:

  • Being part of the BERC Leadership Team builds relationships, provides valuable experience, and offers access to exciting and unique professional opportunities. Applications for BERC leadership positions are available on the BERC Website every November and selections are made in December. However, the first step in applying is contacting the current leader for the role you are interested in. To see which leadership positions are available and get contact info, see our current leadership team. Both undergraduate and graduate students can apply to lead any aspect of BERC. BERC leaders are the backbone of the organization and keep the BERC wheels turning.

  • BERC leaders serve for one year and two months from December to February of the following year. You may have noticed that this means that the outgoing executive team works side-by-side the incoming executive team from Dec-Feb, which is the end of the outgoing team’s term and the beginning of the oncoming team’s term. This overlap allows a smooth transition and allows for all-hands-on-deck for BERC’s Energy Summit in February.