Zayed Future Energy Prize To Award $4 Million To Clean Energy Innovators

Lifetime Achievement Nominations Due July 22

Company/NGO Applications Due August 5

The Zayed Future Energy Prize is a $4 million annual award launched in 2008 to recognize individuals, companies, organizations, and high schools making a significant impact in the fields of renewable energy and sustainability. The annual award celebrates achievements that reflect impact, innovation, long-term vision and leadership in finding solutions to conserve energy, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the production of clean, renewable energy.

Online submissions by organizations are due by August 5, 2013. Nominations for lifetime achievement are due by July 22, 2013.

The total prize fund of $4 million is allocated among the following categories:

  • Large corporation: Recognition award (no monetary value)
  • Small and medium enterprise (annual revenues < $100 million): $1.5 million
  • Non-governmental organization: $1.5 million
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: $500,000
  • High schools: $500,000 divided into $100,000 across (up to) five regions (Africa, Asia, Americas, Oceania, and Europe).

You can read about the past winners of the prize here. The 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award winner was Dr. Ashok Gadgil, Director of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley.