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10 September 2015

A Modern Equation For Energy

The global energy landscape continues to change with more and more renewable energy sources and diversified energy systems becoming a substantial component of the energy infrastructures across the world. As the energy landscape continues to change, a new metric that measures the return on energy invested of a given system can provide meaningful information its overacrching impact.

27 July 2015

A highlight of RE Invest 2015

A highlight of RE Invest 2015 – the Government of India’s flagship renewable energy focused global investors meet & expo

10 September 2014

Distributed Energy Generation Is Coming

A recent market analysis indicates that the revenue distributed generation of energy should exceed $182 billion by 2023, which will significantly challenge the position of traditional utilities in the energy system.

28 January 2014

Google: Green in More Ways Than One

Google is looking for green in more ways than one. Since 2009, the technology giant has invested over $1 billion in solar and wind farms and recently acquired the smart thermostat producer Nest Labs for $3.2 billion. Here is a closer look on Google cleantech investment activities.

28 January 2014

European Partnership Could Signal New Direction for Renewable Energy

The French and German governments announced a renewable energy partnership last week that could help strengthen Europe’s position in the renewable energy sector.

13 March 2013

New study of carbon-efficacy of wind energy in the UK has implications across the pond

Authors of a new study say that the government should focus wind development on disturbed or degraded peatlands, whose carbon sink potential has already been reduced or destroyed.

6 March 2013

Production Tax Credit again in the crosshairs, faces uncertain future

While it seemed that the fiscal cliff deal had averted what felt like impending doom for the wind energy industry, the credit was only renewed for one year, up again for debate and renewal at the end of 2013.

windmill pic2
27 February 2013

Prediction: China will not produce more wind energy than the U.S. before 2020

Despite political uncertainties, I am still optimistic that the U.S. will continue to produce more wind energy than China through 2020.