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21 November 2016

Challenges and Opportunities for our Water-Energy future

On November 2, 2016, BERC held its annual 2016 Resources Roundtable, featuring the Water-Energy Nexus. Attracting over 100 UC Berkeley students, faculty, and professionals, the conversations shed light on current and anticipated challenges to the water-energy nexus, as well as steps towards achieving a sustainable future in a world with growing population and resource demands. […]

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11 October 2016

Water and Energy Intersect at the 2016 BERC Resources Roundtable

BERC is pleased to present the 2016 Resources Roundtable, The Water-Energy Nexus. UC Berkeley is a recognized leader in innovative water resources research and management in finding solutions and new technologies to solve the growing water crises of the 21st Century.

Source: Natel Energy
31 March 2016

BERCshop: Natel Energy

On March 7, BERC-E hosted a BERCshop with one of the founders of Natel Energy, who explained how their small-scale hydropower technology works. Abe Schneider, President and CTO of Natel, told the story of how he and his sister started a company to make their father’s vision of generating electricity from low-head, high-flow water sources a commercial reality.

1 April 2015

State steps up to worsening drought conditions. Sort of.

Despite being several years into a severe drought with only a year’s worth of water in reserve and no relief in sight, it often seems that California is choosing to not be inconvenienced with the worsening drought.

29 April 2014

Recap of the South Asian Energy and Environment Nexus BERCshop

Nikhil Gargeya reflects on the South Asian Energy and Environment BERCshop on April 14th.

22 April 2014

BERC Cleanweb Hackathon 2.0: Smarter Sprinkler Saves water and takes top prize

At BERC’s second annual “cleanweb” hackathon this past weekend, hackers came together to produce four new apps to help analyze and reduce home water consumption, food-related water footprints, and commercial building energy consumption.

22 April 2014

BERC Resources Roundtable 2014: Keynote Address by David Sedlak

Is California’s drought a window of opportunity for the fourth revolution in urban water? David Sedlak raised this pertinent question during his keynote address at the 2014 BERC Resources Roundtable on California’s Drought: Challenges and Opportunities.

22 April 2014

California’s Toxic Taps

Everyone knows there’s a drought. We read about it in the news, we see dramatic photos of dry riverbeds, we marvel at the lack of rain. Less visible though, is another problem, a big problem. Currently 1 million Californians in marginalized communities do not have access to clean water.