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Source: Natel Energy
31 March 2016

BERCshop: Natel Energy

On March 7, BERC-E hosted a BERCshop with one of the founders of Natel Energy, who explained how their small-scale hydropower technology works. Abe Schneider, President and CTO of Natel, told the story of how he and his sister started a company to make their father’s vision of generating electricity from low-head, high-flow water sources a commercial reality.

8 March 2016

BERC-E 2/22: Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

At this week’s BERC Engineers meeting, we discussed a technological solution for electrochemical CO2 reduction, prompted by the scientific publication of Kendra Kuhl, one of the founders of Opus 12. Electrochemical CO2 reduction has the potential to create “solar fuels,” where solar energy is used to convert CO2 into liquid fuels that can then be used as an energy carrier.

Cal-RAE and New Sun Road microgrid on Kitobo Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda
18 January 2016

Opportunities with Cal-RAE and New Sun Road

2015 was a busy and exciting year for the BERC group Cal-RAE and its partners. In 2016, Cal-RAE’s partner New Sun Road will be actively seeking paid (full-time engineering) and unpaid student interns in engineering, marketing, and business development.

21 October 2015

BERC-e 10/12: Capturing carbon from air

At our last BERC Engineers meeting, we discussed Carbon Engineering (, a start-up in Canada working to capture CO2 from the air to ultimately produce transportation fuels. Though this might sound great at first, we found many issues with this technology in our discussion.

BIS Siemens2
7 August 2015

Submit Your Projects for BERC Innovative Solutions!

BERC Innovative Solutions works to link company projects with teams of interdisciplinary graduate students from the UC Berkeley campus. Learn about the club at BIS’s Info Session 2, which will be from 1:15 pm to 2:00 pm, Wednesday September 9 in Boalt 244.

15 April 2015

Ozone Drive: Accelerating the Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Angel Samartino (MBA ’10) is the founder and CEO of Ozone Drive, a cleantech startup dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles by allowing individuals to experience the thrill of driving an EV through a 100% electric car-sharing service. Follow their crowdfunding campaign here!

18 March 2015

The Rise of Micro-Grid Start-Ups

The process of integrating various types of complex technological products into a larger microgrid system remains one of the largest economic bottlenecks in the deployment of microgrids. New microgrid start-up companies have realized the opportunity presented by this integration challenge and have started to vertically integrate microgrid development to create a more appealing business model.

10 March 2015

Launch a startup in 54 hours? You can do that.

Hosted in cities across the world, Startup Weekend brings together budding entrepreneurs and challenges them to come up with a successful business pitch for a new company by the end of the weekend. The benefits? Experience developing a business concept, networking opportunities with like-minded individuals, experts, and legal teams, and a chance at the $25,000 grand prize to help kick start your business.