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15 March 2017

Building Our Energy Future: The Path Forward

Jim Rogers, Former CEO of Duke Energy, addresses cleantech professionals, academics and students at the BERC Energy Summit. “Cleantech opportunity today is as great as it has ever been.” That’s how Jim Rogers, Former CEO of Duke Energy, kicked off this year’s BERC Energy Summit on Friday, February 24. Unfortunately, a bright future does not […]

12 September 2016

First Solar Software Summit in Arizona: how software can cut 40% of solar soft costs

For the first time, GTM organized a one-day summit exclusively dedicated to solar software. This event gathered more than 250 solar professionals and featured software demos from Folsom Labs, Neurio technology, Wiser Capital, Eagleview technologies and Enact Systems.

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28 April 2016

BERCshop: Global Energy Trends and Developing a Career in Solar

Last Monday, April 19, BERC hosted Adam James from SolarCity and the Clean Energy Leadership Institute. Adam discussed the opportunities and challenges of developing energy solutions internationally.

19 April 2016

Will community solar be the next rooftop solar?

Green power has traditionally been a product that consumers have paid a premium for above their basic utility rates. With the emergence of rooftop solar and now community solar – and in step with those sector’s available subsidies – consumers are now purchasing green power at a discount to utility rates.

7 October 2015


Solar net metering was introduced in 1980s and is continuing. In recent past, few US states considered to stop net metering but did not. Will net metering be banned or something else will gradually eclipse it?

7 October 2015

Alternative Climate Solutions from the Center for Carbon Removal

As part of Global Climate Change week, the Center for Carbon Removal will host a panel on Alternative Climate Solutions. The event will be held on October 20, 2015 from 6–8pm in the Banatao Auditorium of Sutardja Dai Hall.

10 September 2015

A Modern Equation For Energy

The global energy landscape continues to change with more and more renewable energy sources and diversified energy systems becoming a substantial component of the energy infrastructures across the world. As the energy landscape continues to change, a new metric that measures the return on energy invested of a given system can provide meaningful information its overacrching impact.

27 July 2015

A highlight of RE Invest 2015

A highlight of RE Invest 2015 – the Government of India’s flagship renewable energy focused global investors meet & expo