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15 March 2017

Building Our Energy Future: The Path Forward

Jim Rogers, Former CEO of Duke Energy, addresses cleantech professionals, academics and students at the BERC Energy Summit. “Cleantech opportunity today is as great as it has ever been.” That’s how Jim Rogers, Former CEO of Duke Energy, kicked off this year’s BERC Energy Summit on Friday, February 24. Unfortunately, a bright future does not […]

Cal-RAE and New Sun Road microgrid on Kitobo Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda
18 January 2016

Opportunities with Cal-RAE and New Sun Road

2015 was a busy and exciting year for the BERC group Cal-RAE and its partners. In 2016, Cal-RAE’s partner New Sun Road will be actively seeking paid (full-time engineering) and unpaid student interns in engineering, marketing, and business development.

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19 October 2015

The India – USA solar dispute with the WTO

The new Indian government has aggressive plans for the country’s renewable energy sector. India plans to add nearly 100,000 MW of solar power and 60,000 MW of wind power. An important vehicle for facilitating the growth of India’s solar sector is the National Solar mission (NSM). Under the NSM, wherein solar projects are allocated by […]

24 March 2015

Is the cleantech-as-a-service movement leaving some technologies behind?

The growing emphasis on the “tech” portion of “cleantech” has not caught on for all clean technologies. For example, carbon sequestration businesses were conspicuously absent from this year’s Cleantech Forum, which wrapped up earlier last week.

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17 March 2015

Solar Product Entrepreneurs Wanted

Hanergy Thin Film Power, a leading solar manufacturer, has launched a new solar design competition in cooperation with several international design centers and Oakland’s SfunCube, the only U.S. start-up incubator for solar entrepreneurs. The winning solar design will receive a $160,000 cash prize plus the chance to commercialize the product.

2 August 2014

4 Ways To Do Solar Energy

The sun is a tremendous infinite reservoir of renewable energy. Solar energy is by far the largest energy source and its reservoir is significantly larger than all other energy sources put together, including renewable and non-renewable sources. Here is a closer look at 4 ways to harvest solar energy.

18 March 2014

BERCshop Solar 2.0: Be prepared for and lead the innovation-driven high-growth PV industry

A summary about the talk given by Mr. Brad Mattson and Prof. Dan Kammen to 50+ audience at the PV Idea Lab meeting, about innovation and leadership.

11 February 2014

How to revitalize innovation in the solar photovoltaic manufacturing sector

Policies on the national level could adopt a more holistic approach and utilize the reinforcing dynamics among market, manufacturing, innovation, and cost, for a sustainable and innovative global PV industry.