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3 February 2014

CHINA’s 12th Five-year Plan: THREE YEARS DOWN, TWO TO GO

Three years ago, China initiated its 12th Five-Year Plan, which included aggressive goals for economic expansion and environmental protection. Here is a closer on how China has performed as the country enter the fourth year.

A Green Hypocrite
23 September 2013

OP-ED: Fighting “Climate Hypocrisy” with Subtle Policy Solutions

‘Climate hypocrites’ are everywhere. Many preach the green gospel, but are caught in a network of inescapable resource-sapping mutuality. How do we stay green, without drastically changing our social end economic environment?

9 September 2013

How Big is Utility-Scale Solar?

The phrase “utility-scale solar” is heard so frequently in discussions about renewable energy that it comes as a bit of a shock that there is no commonly accepted definition. From 25 kW – 50 MW, how big qualifies as “utility-scale”?

25 June 2013

Obama: “New” Policy for Renewables on Public Lands, or Fast-Tracking Redux?

President Obama’s new climate plan includes a proposal to expand renewables on Public Land. But is it just more of the same?

8 May 2013

Retiring Energy & Resources Professor Norgaard’s Last Class

Professor Norgaard may be officially wrapping up his UC Berkeley career, but will continue fighting for his beliefs and making his mark on California water policy.

13 March 2013

Keystone: activists build a movement while wonks say “carbon tax”

After Obama’s promises on climate change in his second inaugural and state of the union addresses, activists are expecting him to walk the talk and reject the Keystone XL pipeline.

windmill pic2
27 February 2013

Prediction: China will not produce more wind energy than the U.S. before 2020

Despite political uncertainties, I am still optimistic that the U.S. will continue to produce more wind energy than China through 2020.

30 January 2013

Dr. Richard Muller, author of “Energy for Future Presidents”, speaks on EV’s and natural gas

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Muller and ask him a set of questions related to the transport sector and U.S. energy security. While his book is entitled “Energy for Future Presidents”, I also asked him to ponder “energy for current presidents” as well.