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3 May 2017

Nuclear Energy Policy: Agree to Disagree?

The recent news of Westinghouse Electric Company filing for bankruptcy protection reminds us of the odd state of nuclear energy production in the United States and around the world. With trouble arising from construction delays and rising costs, Westinghouse’s problems illustrate the broader issues surrounding nuclear energy production, such as long construction timelines and evolving […]

22 September 2016

Pioneering the future of nuclear energy innovation

For two weeks this August, students from around the world gathered at UC Berkeley for the first ever Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp. The goal? To train the next generation of nuclear professionals to generate ideas and solve problems with significant real-world impact.

23 September 2015

Molten Salt Reactors – A Cleaner And Safer Nuclear Option In The Future

MSRs are believed to be a promising option to generate safer, greener and cheaper nuclear energy with a potential to help solve climate change. They differ from conventional nuclear radiators in important ways, and today there is renewed interest in MSRs from countries including China, Russia and Japan, as well as a few private companies.

29 October 2013

Nuclear Energy: Go Small or Go Home

The past and present narrative of nuclear power is unlike that of any other energy source. Even though the history of nuclear has already been very memorable, current trends promise an even more exciting future that can go in numerous directions, even underground or an a boat.

25 April 2013

BERC visits Diablo Canyon Nucler Power Plant

On April 12th, a team of BERC students and professionals visited the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in San Luis Obispo.

20 February 2013

Post tsunami, Japan faces a whirlwind of energy policy decisions

Japan is providing an intensified test-bed for the energy policy decisions many countries will face as energy security and climate change become center stage issues.

20 October 2012

DBL’s Pfund Calls For Gen 2 Approach to Clean Energy Growth at Symposium Keynote

It’s time for a Gen 2 approach to clean energy innovation, investment, and policy, according to Nancy Pfund, Founder & Managing Director of San Francisco-based venture capital firm DBL Investors.

2 October 2012

China’s post-Fukushima attitude toward nuclear energy

A look at how China’s plan for nuclear energy differs from other major players in the field.