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19 October 2016

Let’s Teach Kids to Ignore Nuclear Lies

Unfounded fears of radiation lead to fears of nuclear power, which in turn limit the potential to increase our utilization of the densest source of emissions-free energy. We’re teaching kids to recognize truths about radiation.

23 September 2015

Molten Salt Reactors – A Cleaner And Safer Nuclear Option In The Future

MSRs are believed to be a promising option to generate safer, greener and cheaper nuclear energy with a potential to help solve climate change. They differ from conventional nuclear radiators in important ways, and today there is renewed interest in MSRs from countries including China, Russia and Japan, as well as a few private companies.

5 November 2014

Nearly Forgotten – Nuclear Power in Latin America

Nuclear power is not a prevalent source of energy in Latin America. Only three countries in Latin America have functional nuclear reactor power plants, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico. The amount of nuclear power used in those countries, however, is very little.