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22 April 2015

2015 BERC Resources Roundtable: Lightning Talks

The 2015 BERC Resources Roundtable featured several engaging Lightning Talks—brief presentations on innovative projects at Berkeley—ranging in subject matter from carbon negative technology to soil management to urban agriculture.

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17 March 2015

Ugly is beautiful (and nutritious, too!)

The unrealistic cosmetic standards we expect from produce may not result in low veggie self-esteem, but they do have severe negative impacts on our food system and precious resources: about 20%-40% of food is wasted due to the aesthetic standards of food retailers.

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29 April 2014

Food bikes: a low capital, low footprint alternative to food trucks

The Food Bikery seeks to prove that food bikes are a safe, legal, low-capital, and low-footprint alternative to food trucks.

7 April 2014

Will Hampton Creek Foods make our food system sustainable?

Learn how the founder of Hampton Creek Foods, Josh Tetrick, envisions to make healthier food that is affordable, while still being delicious. The company has created an egg substitute that is bending the cost curve by taking the animals out of its production.