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11 February 2016

Paris Climate Accord: Policy Implications & Market Impacts

This past December, virtually every nation in the world gathered in Paris for another attempt to define a worldwide response to the threat of climate change. By most accounts the 21st Conference of Parties was a success. However, other words have been used to describe Paris agreement. To some the agreement is too “weak” in its ambitions and unenforceable because it is not “legally binding.”

11 November 2015

Keystone XL and the U.S. Dependence on Oil

On November 6, 2015, Obama rejected the proposed Keystone XL project. Why did he do this, and what does this mean for the U.S.? The Keystone XL had several major concerning issues associated with it: first, the tar sands crude oil are significantly dirtier in greenhouse gas emissions than conventional crude oil; second, the oil would largely be exported and sold abroad; third, the risks to the American people as a result of the pipeline are very real.

21 October 2015

SB350 Signed

On October 7th, an amended version of SB350, crafted by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De León as the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015, was signed into law. The act is the most compelling piece of climate legislation enacted in California since AB32 of 2006, which effectively committed the state to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2020.

7 October 2015


Solar net metering was introduced in 1980s and is continuing. In recent past, few US states considered to stop net metering but did not. Will net metering be banned or something else will gradually eclipse it?

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1 April 2014

California’s classic chart: what really caused the energy savings?

A recent study of Arik Levinson from Georgetown University indicates that California’s famous energy savings may have been caused by factors outside of energy policy that have previously not been considered.

18 March 2014

BERCshop Solar 2.0: Be prepared for and lead the innovation-driven high-growth PV industry

A summary about the talk given by Mr. Brad Mattson and Prof. Dan Kammen to 50+ audience at the PV Idea Lab meeting, about innovation and leadership.

11 February 2014

How to revitalize innovation in the solar photovoltaic manufacturing sector

Policies on the national level could adopt a more holistic approach and utilize the reinforcing dynamics among market, manufacturing, innovation, and cost, for a sustainable and innovative global PV industry.

14 October 2013

UC Berkeley researchers work on energy efficient offices

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, are working to integrate innovations from their labs into the real world in an attempt to reduce energy consumption, giving office workers a sense of control over their thermal environments.