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2 June 2016

CAL-RAE hosts Microgrid Student Research Poster Session

Following suit with the nascent nature of microgrids and decentralized renewables, on May 2nd, California Renewable and Adaptive Energy (CAL-RAE) held the first-ever poster session on UC Berkeley’s campus explicitly concerning the topic. Learn more about the topics here.

A 25 W home - Source: Clean Energy Ministerial
10 March 2016

Powering A Home With 25 W

If the average North American household consumes ~1,400 W, is it possible to power a household with just 25 W? Find out how researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are doing more with less.

3 February 2016

Lessons on doing more for clean energy with less from emerging markets

BERC’s Tenley Ghan reflects on her experiences at Cleantech Forum 2016, especially how innovative companies and investors are trying to do “more with less” in providing energy access to energy poor communities in Kenya and India.

Cal-RAE and New Sun Road microgrid on Kitobo Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda
18 January 2016

Opportunities with Cal-RAE and New Sun Road

2015 was a busy and exciting year for the BERC group Cal-RAE and its partners. In 2016, Cal-RAE’s partner New Sun Road will be actively seeking paid (full-time engineering) and unpaid student interns in engineering, marketing, and business development.

17 March 2015

What is “Bear” in Swahili?

Last month, BERC members Adrian Gomez, Gerardo Ruiz de Teresa, Molly Starke, Shaila Narang, and Victor Pucci represented UC Berkeley at the inaugural Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition at Duke University in Durham, NC. The competition centered on Powerhive, a Berkeley-based energy company seeking to deploy microgrids in Sub-Saharan Africa for rural electrification.

25 February 2015

How To Build A Microgrid

Microgrids, self-sufficient energy systems that can operate independently from the larger grid have been receiving more and more attention due to its capability to address energy access challenges, especially in remote rural regions where grid development can be both economically and technically challenging.

wind plant in Gansu
25 February 2015

Energy Access in Developing Parts of China

Northwest China’s uneven and hilly landscape makes the traditional grid system difficult to implement. But by taking advantage of the region’s distinct geological features, hydro, solar and wind power have become three major clean energy sources in northwestern area.

11 February 2015

Providing Energy to the Urban Poor

In keeping with this month’s theme of energy access, the BERC-E (BERC Engineers) met this past Monday evening to discuss the issue of energy access for the urban poor. This is an increasingly pressing matter: by 2050, 64% of the world’s population will live in cities.