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3 February 2016

Lessons on doing more for clean energy with less from emerging markets

BERC’s Tenley Ghan reflects on her experiences at Cleantech Forum 2016, especially how innovative companies and investors are trying to do “more with less” in providing energy access to energy poor communities in Kenya and India.

1 April 2015

Manufacturing In The Cleantech Cloud

The emergence of the cleantech cloud is also transcending more and more into manufacturing environments. The enhanced capabilities of the cloud, along with the rise of additive manufacturing process, have the potential to reshape both the future of manufacturing and the type of devices that can be integrated into a larger network.

1 April 2015

Cleantech Forum 2015: Big Data is here, so now what?

The 2015 Cleantech Forum, hosted by SF based industry research firm Cleantech Group, involved talks and panels from several industry leaders and promising start-ups in the clean tech space. The central theme of this years’ Cleantech forum was “Cleantech meets the Cloud: The Emergence of Clean tech-as-a-Service”.

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25 March 2015

Transportation: Land of Cleantech Opportunity

Over 95% of the 1 billion cars in the world are parked at any given time and 95% of the energy consumed by a car is spent on moving the vehicle forward, not the person it is transporting. The many shortcomings of the modern transportation that have left tremendous opportunities for innovative cleantech solutions to truly revolutionize the system.

24 March 2015

Is the cleantech-as-a-service movement leaving some technologies behind?

The growing emphasis on the “tech” portion of “cleantech” has not caught on for all clean technologies. For example, carbon sequestration businesses were conspicuously absent from this year’s Cleantech Forum, which wrapped up earlier last week.

18 March 2014

1-on-1 With Energy Storage CEO

Even though the theme of last week’s Cleantech Forum 2014 in San Francisco was decentralized power, the true buzz of the conference was energy storage. In the middle of this buzz, I was fortunate to sit down for 1-on-1 with Hari Subramaniam, the CEO of eCamion Inc., an innovative energy storage start-up from Ontario, Canada.

18 March 2014

Three Design Principles for Decentralized Energy

Jenna Goodward, MBA 2015, describes use cases and design principles for decentralized energy systems presented at last week’s Cleantech Forum in San Francisco.

18 March 2014

Reflection From the Cleantech Forum

Brett Foreman, MBA 2015, reflects on his personal highlights for last week’s Cleantech Forum 2014 in San Francisco.