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11 February 2014

How to revitalize innovation in the solar photovoltaic manufacturing sector

Policies on the national level could adopt a more holistic approach and utilize the reinforcing dynamics among market, manufacturing, innovation, and cost, for a sustainable and innovative global PV industry.

21 October 2013

Clean Energy Stocks, Solar, and Transportation Start-Ups Shine in Q3

Cleantech investment decreased worldwide in the third quarter of 2013, but clean energy stocks and solar deployment are showing strong growth this year, according to data released in October by two leading research and consulting firms.

15 May 2013

BERC slowing down for the summer + 2013 post roundup

This summer we will be keeping up with energy and resource issues, albeit less frequently. In the meantime, here are our most popular stories from since January, in case you missed them.

westly group
27 March 2013

The Westly Group Announces New $160 Million Cleantech Fund

The Westly Group has raised its second cleantech venture capital fund, which will target revenue-generating high growth companies and start-ups with capital-efficient business models.

26 May 2012

“Occupy Rooftops” promotes solar projects through poetry and music

BERC blogger John Romankiewicz, aka Sustainable John, has released a new eco-rap music video called “Occupy Rooftops”. The video promotes crowd-investing in community rooftop solar projects.

8 May 2012

Kammen: Controversial coal project in Kosovo may proceed with U.S. support

Kosovo’s growing economy has experienced a surge in energy demand, and many at the World Bank contend that yet another new large coal-fired power plant will be the “least cost” option to meet this demand. UC Berkeley professor Dan Kammen disagrees.

17 April 2012

2011 Sets Records for Global Clean Energy Investment and Installation, but Investment Falls in 2012.

New data released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance indicates that overall financial investment in clean energy is falling, though venture capital/private equity investment remains steady.

13 March 2012

Berkeley Finance Conference Recap: The Finance of Cleantech and Green Power

This past Friday, the Berkeley Finance Conference at Haas showcased a cleantech panel that spoke about harvesting big data for energy, new solar financing innovations, military spending on energy, and more.