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GE Women's Leadership Summit 2017
10 April 2017

Innovation Tips for the Energy Industry

The energy industry today faces major challenges. How will we develop clean sources of power that don’t pollute our planet, that provide energy access to the millions who don’t have it, and that maintain the reliability and stability of our electric systems? To tackle these complex challenges, we need more innovative solutions from all players […]

4 March 2015

BECI Philomathia Forum

The Philomathia Forum on March 18 and 19 will bring together international experts in the science and technology of energy production; smart manufacturing; policy innovations; and business leadership. The Forum will focus on achievable solutions to the goals set out in the recent China and U.S. climate accord.

2 February 2015

Kosovo’s Fight for Sustainable Energy Access: Where is American Aid Going?

Out of concerns regarding climate change, the world’s major public financial institutions have pledged to stop funding new coal projects overseas, except in rare cases. But the real test of that commitment is still an open question in Kosovo. Will these projects pass their own test?

Net zero energy NREL research support facility surpasses LEED platinum green building standards
19 October 2012

NREL’s Arvizu highlights energy innovation at Symposium opening keynote

Arvizu highlighted today’s theme, “tensions in energy,” by outlining the challenges around transitioning from a fossil fuel-based energy landscape to a clean energy one.