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20 April 2016

BERCShop: China’s Carbon Market and Lessons Learned from California

As the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, China has an important role in reducing the effects of global climate change. China believes that having an effective national carbon trading system may significantly mitigate its carbon production to meet the country’s climate goals.

4 November 2015

The Keystone Pipeline and Its Possible Impact on the Asia-Canada Energy Situation

Justin Trudeau has indicated that environmental protection would be more of a priority under his leadership. On the other hand, Trudeau is expressing support for Chinese investment in the Canadian oilpatch, and has spoken in favor of the Canada-to-Texas pipeline.

23 September 2015

Molten Salt Reactors – A Cleaner And Safer Nuclear Option In The Future

MSRs are believed to be a promising option to generate safer, greener and cheaper nuclear energy with a potential to help solve climate change. They differ from conventional nuclear radiators in important ways, and today there is renewed interest in MSRs from countries including China, Russia and Japan, as well as a few private companies.

4 March 2015

BECI Philomathia Forum

The Philomathia Forum on March 18 and 19 will bring together international experts in the science and technology of energy production; smart manufacturing; policy innovations; and business leadership. The Forum will focus on achievable solutions to the goals set out in the recent China and U.S. climate accord.

wind plant in Gansu
25 February 2015

Energy Access in Developing Parts of China

Northwest China’s uneven and hilly landscape makes the traditional grid system difficult to implement. But by taking advantage of the region’s distinct geological features, hydro, solar and wind power have become three major clean energy sources in northwestern area.

25 January 2015

Solar System Installments Surging

Currently a residential solar module is installed every 2.5 minutes in the United States. The frequency of residential solar installations has been increasing dramatically in the last ten years, both in the US and on a global level. Recent trends also indicate that the driver of solar energy demand is shifting from Europe to Asia.

12 November 2014

US-China Climate Deal

Yesterday China and the United States, the world’s two largest economies and greenhouse gas emitters, reached an international climate agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

1 October 2014

Global Cleantech Spending Hits $175 Billion

The first quarters of 2014 produced $175 billion of spending on renewable energy projects, which amounts to an increase of 16% percent from 2013.