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8 March 2016

BERC-E 2/22: Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

At this week’s BERC Engineers meeting, we discussed a technological solution for electrochemical CO2 reduction, prompted by the scientific publication of Kendra Kuhl, one of the founders of Opus 12. Electrochemical CO2 reduction has the potential to create “solar fuels,” where solar energy is used to convert CO2 into liquid fuels that can then be used as an energy carrier.

3 August 2015

Coal Extraction on Federal Land: A Hidden Fossil Fuel Subsidy

A hidden way the United States federal government subsidizes fossil fuels, particularly coal, is by allowing extraction to continue unabated on federal land. These account for 40% of the nation’s coal supply and 24% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, but according to top scientists, 92% of U.S. coal reserves must be left in the ground to keep the climate from warming by more than 2°C.

24 March 2015

Carbon Negative Cement: Turning a Climate Liability into an Asset

BERC-E (BERC Engineers) met this week to discuss a topic lying truly at the heart of engineering: cement. Although usually not associated with climate change, cement production is responsible for 5% of global, human-caused annual CO2 emissions.

24 February 2014

BERCShop Recap: Closing the Carbon Cycle – Scaling Up Carbon Removal Solutions

Here is the recap from the BERCShop: Closing the Carbon Cycle – Scaling Up Carbon Removal Solutions. Check out the recorded video of the event, the slides from the panelist, some key takeaways from the event organizers and more!

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21 October 2013

Global warming’s impact on the oceans

A study of global trends projects the demise of oceanic ecosystems. By 2100, 98% of the world’s oceans will be affected by acidification, warming temperatures, low oxygen, or lack of biological productivity.