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17 November 2016

Today is BigGive! Support BERC by making a donation

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31 March 2016

UC Berkeley Confronts “Smart” Devices, Big Data & Big Brother

Jim Rossi discusses the impacts of data security in a more and more connected energy world. As data transfer between energy devices becomes easier, data security should become a more and more important issues.

11 February 2016

SF Cleantech Forum 2016 – IoT Platforms

Last week’s Cleantech Forum 2016 in San Francisco featured many exciting discussions and exchanges of the latest cleantech trends, ideas and start-up company efforts. One of the workshops at the forum focused on the developed of the Internet of Things (IoT), specifically how new forms of data are collected and processed on a global scale for a variety of efforts.

19 April 2015

BERC Lunch Recap: Materials Genome Initative

Last week, BERC kicked off its first BERC Lunch with a session on the role of theoretical sciences in innovating cleantech. A group of BERC members from various academic disciplines met to learn about about the history of the Materials Project and the evolution of the general Materials Genome Initiative.

1 April 2015

Manufacturing In The Cleantech Cloud

The emergence of the cleantech cloud is also transcending more and more into manufacturing environments. The enhanced capabilities of the cloud, along with the rise of additive manufacturing process, have the potential to reshape both the future of manufacturing and the type of devices that can be integrated into a larger network.

1 April 2015

Cleantech Forum 2015: Big Data is here, so now what?

The 2015 Cleantech Forum, hosted by SF based industry research firm Cleantech Group, involved talks and panels from several industry leaders and promising start-ups in the clean tech space. The central theme of this years’ Cleantech forum was “Cleantech meets the Cloud: The Emergence of Clean tech-as-a-Service”.

11 March 2015

Drones Bringing Big Data to Agriculture

Collecting meaningful data for agricultural purposes has always been a major challenge, mainly due to the tremendous land areas involved. The arrival of cheap, functional drones to the agricultural industry may be the key to bringing smart-grid type data analytics to a critical resource sector.

10 July 2014

Berkeley Lab Researchers Moonlight in “Cleanweb” Sector

Scientists leverage data to revolutionize how we use and conserve water and energy. Cross-posted from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Newscenter.