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3 December 2014

A Year in Review: BERC 2014

BERC Co-Presidents Dan Sanchez and Tia Hansen reflect on what BERC has done in 2014. This year was full of innovative BERC events, a growth of BERC programs, and internal improvements spearheaded by the BERC 2014 Leadership Team.

BERC Action
29 October 2014

BERC Greatest Hits

Two weeks have passed since the BERC Energy Summit 2014. The 2014 summit was the 9th and the largest energy conference in the history of BERC. The BERC blog also recently had its 3-year anniversary. This week, we will take a look at the greatest hits on the BERC blog in the past three years. The top three have been added to the newsletter.

22 October 2014

5 highlights from the the BERC Energy Summit

The BERC Energy Summit – Berkeley’s student energy club’s flagship event — took place last Thursday and Friday (October 16-17). In case you missed it, here are some highlights from the event.

8 October 2014

Top 5 Reasons To Attend BERC Energy Summit

BERC Energy Summit is only one week away, and it’s going to be awesome! Here are the top 5 reasons to attend the upcoming Summit!

8 October 2014

Sustainable Cities & Infrastructure

In a rapidly urbanizing world, dialogue about the formation of sustainable cities is increasingly imperative. During the 2014 BERC Energy Summit, leading thought leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and financiers will come together to discuss opportunities to build climate change resilience into urban landscapes.

8 October 2014

The Future of Fossil Fuels

Over the last few years, the fossil fuels industry has faced enormous successive waves of technological innovation, regulatory hurdles, and economic development. The future of this rapidly evolving industry will be driven by varying degrees of global demand, and the development of policies and technologies to curb global greenhouse gas emissions.

1 October 2014

The Shifting Tides of Early Stage Cleantech Commercialization

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear about the past, present, and future of early stage cleantech commercialization at the BERC Energy Summit from Ilan Gur, director of LBNL’s M37 program, Nancy Pfund of DBL Investors and Doug Kirkpatrick of InnerProduct Partners.

23 September 2014

Why I’m excited about the BERC Energy Summit

Noah Deich, co-chair of the BERC Energy Summit, tells us why he is so excited about the upcoming conference.