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8 March 2016

BERC-E 2/22: Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

At this week’s BERC Engineers meeting, we discussed a technological solution for electrochemical CO2 reduction, prompted by the scientific publication of Kendra Kuhl, one of the founders of Opus 12. Electrochemical CO2 reduction has the potential to create “solar fuels,” where solar energy is used to convert CO2 into liquid fuels that can then be used as an energy carrier.

21 October 2015

BERC-e 10/12: Capturing carbon from air

At our last BERC Engineers meeting, we discussed Carbon Engineering (, a start-up in Canada working to capture CO2 from the air to ultimately produce transportation fuels. Though this might sound great at first, we found many issues with this technology in our discussion.

Device Schematic
21 September 2015

BERC Engineers: Passive Radiative Cooling

BERC-E held a lively discussion of a new cooling technology detailed in a recent Nature paper, “Passive radiative cooling below ambient air temperature under direct sunlight.” The new cooling method uses panels to passively cool by sending heat out to deep space. This technology is currently being studied by a team in the Cleantech to Market class.

2 September 2015

The BERC 2015 Kickoff Meeting is Coming!

Come one, come all to BERC’s Fall 2015 Kickoff Meeting! It’ll be 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Tuesday September 8 – Blum Center, B100. Prospective members can get an idea of what BERC is all about and current members can catch up and meet the incoming group. We will go over all of the exciting things we have planned for this year and talk about how you can get involved.

24 March 2015

Carbon Negative Cement: Turning a Climate Liability into an Asset

BERC-E (BERC Engineers) met this week to discuss a topic lying truly at the heart of engineering: cement. Although usually not associated with climate change, cement production is responsible for 5% of global, human-caused annual CO2 emissions.

24 February 2015

Want People to Conserve Electricity? Tell Them About Pollution-Induced Asthma

This week, BERC-e, BERC’s engineering and science community, discussed a provocative article recently published in PNAS. The study raises intriguing questions about how best to encourage energy conservation by behavior change.

11 February 2015

Providing Energy to the Urban Poor

In keeping with this month’s theme of energy access, the BERC-E (BERC Engineers) met this past Monday evening to discuss the issue of energy access for the urban poor. This is an increasingly pressing matter: by 2050, 64% of the world’s population will live in cities.

29 January 2015

The Future of Electric Vehicles in CA

The BERC-E community recently met for the first time in 2015 to talk about the recent progress of California’s Electric Vehicle program.