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BERC Action
Interested in getting involved with BERC-Action but overwhelmed by where to start? This page has a list of resources to get you up to speed.

Primary action item for Summer 2017: the proposed U.S. Budget. The budget should be a representation of our values as a country. In addition to directly impacting the work of so many BERC community members, the proposed budget would set our country backwards years on the path to a clean energy economy.


The Budget: Why you should care.

Resource 1:

TitleHow the Trump Budget Affects the Environment

Source: Indivisible Website
Reason it is helpful:
 Quick explanation for how the budget would impact the EPA + environmental resources

Resource 2:

Title: “Trump’s budget expected to massively slash research on renewable energy — and ‘clean coal’

Source: Washington Post
Reason it is helpful: Short overview of some of the goverment agencies which will assume the biggest loss with the proposed budget.

Paris Climate Agreement.

Resource 1:

Title: “Trump will withdraw U.S. from Paris Climate Agreement

Source: New York Times
Reason it is helpful: Recent news article about President Trump’s withdrawal from the climate agreement.

EPA Protections.

Resource 1:

Title: “Sierra Club and Allies Sue Trump’s EPA for Weakening Vital Protections Against Oil and Gas Pollution

Source: Sierra Club
Reason it is helpful: Outlines some of the current issues arising from the EPA Commissioner, Scott Pruitt, delaying safeguards against climate pollution.

Resource 2:

Title: The Environmental Protection Network’s white paper on the EPA budget

Source: Sierra Club
Reason it is helpful: A bipartisan network of former EPA employees and related federal and state agencies released this white paper on the EPA’s budget.

Energy & Climate Activism.

Resource 1:

Title: “View Dockets Open for Public Comment by Program Office

Source: EPA Website
Reason it is helpful: Contains dockets available for public comment, a lesser known way to express one’s opinion about proposed legislation. It also has a link which explains how the Dockets are used.

Resource 2:

Title: “EPA asked the public which regulations to gut — and got an earful about leaving them alone

Source: Washington Post
Reason it is helpful: Demonstration of how public rulemaking can be a form of activism.

Resource 3:

Title: “The Better Off Budget

Source: The Congressional Progressive Caucus website
Reason it is helpful: Overview of an alternative budget proposal, showing the various areas of government which need to be funded in the budget.

Resource 4:

Title: “Legistlative Process 101 – Appropriations (or ‘Keeping the Lights On’)

Source: Indivisible Website
Reason it is helpful: Good overview of the appropriations process.

Resource 5:

A list of all the state-level climate bills currently being considered or recently considered

Source: Assembled by Mira Inbar, a BERC Alum and current Director of Strategy at NRG

Resource 6:

Title: “Cracking Washington’s Gridlock to Save the Planet

Source: New York Times
Reason it is helpful: Inspiring piece demonstrating the power of productive bi-partisan activism, through the Citizens’ Climate Lobby efforts for building a congressional caucus on climate change.

Resource 7:

Title: “How G.O.P. Leaders Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science

Source: New York Times
Reason it is helpful: Insightful long-form piece about how and why rhetoric on the right shifted to climate change denialism and away from support for market based mitigations.