BERC Action

BERC-Action is a new community of BERC established on the founding principles that:

  1. Climate change exists and action is needed to address it to defend energy & environmental  programs in light of the current political climate
  2. Sound science and evidence-based research should be used to guide energy & environmental policy
  3. Investment and innovation in clean energy technologies is needed to address the threat of climate change and environmental degradation.
Our Mission is to:
Connect members with the individuals and groups at the front lines of energy/environmental policy, advocacy, activism, and law.
Educate members on the changing political & policy landscape and how activism can influence that landscape.
Act: Organize actions which our community can take in defense of energy & environmental progress.

If you would like to start by learning more about any of the topics we are interested in, we have a growing list of resources here.

This group is still in the organizational stages over Summer 2017. If you would like to get involved or hear more information, join the BERC Action google group for further discussion.