Ozone Drive: Accelerating the Adoption of Electric Vehicles


From UC Berkeley to the Golden Gate, BERC prides itself on being a network for individuals who seek to tackle the world’s most challenging energy and resources problems. This week we’d like to shine our spotlight on a UC Berkeley alumnus who is trying to make a difference well beyond the shores of the Bay Area. Angel Samartino (MBA ’10) is the founder and CEO of Ozone Drive, a cleantech startup dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles by allowing individuals to experience the thrill of driving an EV through a 100% electric car-sharing service. So far, Ozone Drive has raised over €80 thousand in seed funding and has been recognized as one of the 25 most exciting startups in Europe. In 2014, Angel began successfully prototyping his car-sharing concept in the Balearic Islands through his partnership with BMW and iconic Mediterranean hotels.

Recently, Angel and Ozone Drive have partnered with a team of four graduate students as part of the Haas School of Business’s International Business Development program. The team is helping to shape Ozone Drive’s marketing strategy for reaching future customers and future investors. Together they are trying to make Ozone Drive one of the vehicles of change that would put us on the path toward a sustainable transportation system.

Ozone Drive recently launched a crowdfunding campaign. You can follow its progress here.