Resources Roundtable 2012

The 2012 roundtable on the topic of electronics waste was a huge success thanks to the panelists, the moderator and all 150 participants! We are especially grateful to the panelists and moderator, whose bios can be found here. The conversation was lively and riveting, both within the panels and between the panels and the audience. In case you missed it, the videos of the link are posted below and onBERC’s youtube channel. Additionally, here is a video that explains why electronics waste is such an important problem to solve.

BERC would also like to remind you to please consider disposing of your old electronics responsibly! You can do this at any dining hall at Cal or by dropping by Green Citizen, a bay area electronics recycling company. They often have promotions that enter you in a raffle to win a free iPad just for bringing them your old cell phones, computers, or hard drives!

This was our second annual “resources roundtable”, a follow up to the December 2010 event “Innovation in Desalination”. Stay tuned for details on the 2013 event!

Part 1 of the Resources Rountable:

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Part 2Part 3Part 4 and Part 5.