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12 October 2016

Getting into Hot Water at a Utility

The electricity industry is going through massive changes and this summer at PG&E I looked at heat pump water heaters as a way of addressing some of those challenges. I found that heat pumps have the opportunity to have positive net economic, environmental, and energy benefits under some scenarios.

11 November 2015


An overview of Smart Grid communication technologies. Part 1 describes AMI.

18 March 2015

“Carbon-removing” gas stations: the future of transportation?

Over the past several decades, gas stations have remained largely immune to the disruption that has radically altered other industries. But as climate change continues to increase, the imperative for innovation at the pump will start to increase significantly.

11 March 2015

Drones Bringing Big Data to Agriculture

Collecting meaningful data for agricultural purposes has always been a major challenge, mainly due to the tremendous land areas involved. The arrival of cheap, functional drones to the agricultural industry may be the key to bringing smart-grid type data analytics to a critical resource sector.

8 May 2012

Silicon Valley conference addresses the future of robotics and its role in sustainability

Although not currently a center of robotics investment, Silicon Valley is beginning to recognize the potential of robotics to play a major role in everyday life