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11 March 2015

Drones Bringing Big Data to Agriculture

Collecting meaningful data for agricultural purposes has always been a major challenge, mainly due to the tremendous land areas involved. The arrival of cheap, functional drones to the agricultural industry may be the key to bringing smart-grid type data analytics to a critical resource sector.

23 February 2015

Carbon Removal: What the National Academy of Sciences says about this emerging field

Recently, the National Academy of Sciences released a comprehensive study dedicated to carbon dioxide removal (“CDR”). The report takes important steps towards reducing barriers for CDR to enter the mainstream climate change conversation.

11 January 2015

Bay Area filmmaker crowdfunding an original film on climate change and adaptation

he Bay Area is home to many climate change pioneers. They work across multiple fronts: scientific research, innovative businesses, political advocacy, grass-roots movements, and, of course, film. They are united in their relentless pursuit of a safer world, free from the looming threat of climate change.

22 April 2014

BERC Resources Roundtable 2014: Keynote Address by David Sedlak

Is California’s drought a window of opportunity for the fourth revolution in urban water? David Sedlak raised this pertinent question during his keynote address at the 2014 BERC Resources Roundtable on California’s Drought: Challenges and Opportunities.

22 April 2014

California’s Toxic Taps

Everyone knows there’s a drought. We read about it in the news, we see dramatic photos of dry riverbeds, we marvel at the lack of rain. Less visible though, is another problem, a big problem. Currently 1 million Californians in marginalized communities do not have access to clean water.

water projects
22 April 2014

BERC Resource Roundtable 2014: A Perpetual Drought

From the first panel in BERC Resources Roundtable 2014, we learned that there is not a direct linkage between water demand and population growth. If managed carefully, slow and strategic growth can coincide with even a decline in water demand.

22 April 2014

BERC Resource Roundtable 2014: Regional Drought, Local Impacts

The second panel of the BERC Resources Roundtable 2014 focused on how the California drought is affecting communities, consumers and business on a local level. The panel, moderated by UC Berkeley Professor Isha Ray, featured representatives from the public sector as well as the private sector.

California Drought 2
8 April 2014

In the midst of dry

This year the Resources Roundtable brings together thought leaders, climate scientists, water managers, rights activists and businesses to engage in focused discussions on the topic “California in Drought: Challenges and Opportunities.”