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6 March 2018

C2M Information Sessions

Join us in accelerating cleantech innovation! Attend one of C2M’s Info Sessions—Pizza Will be Served! Thursday, March 8, 12:30 – 1:30 in Haas School of Business Room S489 Friday, March 9, 11:00 – 12:00 in Haas School of Business Room S489 The CLEANTECH TO MARKET (C2M) PROGRAM is gearing up for our 3-unit fall 2018 […]

3 March 2018

Honor a UC Berkeley sustainability leader

    Do you know a student, staff member or professor at UC Berkeley who’s helping the campus transition to a more sustainable clean energy future? Or someone teaching the next generation of decision-makers about the environmental challenges we all face? Here’s your chance to honor that sustainability leader, through the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability’s annual awards. […]

9 February 2018

Building microgrids and parsing “clean coal” – dispatches from BERC communities

Are you interested in how solar power can help rural communities leapfrog dirty power production technologies? Curious whether “clean coal” is an oxymoron? Want to know why California is investing $45 billion to build some (big) water pipes? BERC’s communities talked about all of these topics last year! Many readers know about the BERC Energy […]

11 January 2018

Cleanweb Hackathon Takes the Fight to Environmental Justice

Last November, Cleanweb Berkeley hosted it’s 5th annual Hackathon, entitled ‘Whose Hacks? Our Hacks!’. With previous Hackathon winners having been in information technology for flexible demand and shared solar services, we wanted to challenge participants to take on lesser explored subjects at the intersection of data, energy and resources: environmental justice and the politics of […]

11 January 2018

Haas takes First Place at National Energy Finance Challenge

By Marie Thompson What happens when you mix five full-time MBA first years from four different countries and completely different backgrounds with an energy case competition early in the year? For us, the answer was a winning recommendation and a first-place finish. Pablo Jimenez, Ethan Doyle, David Navarro, Rahul Bajaj and I, joined forces for […]

12 November 2017

Trumps wants tariffs, and he’ll get a solar tariff

This is the third of a multi-post blog series by the BERC-Action community. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the opinions of the entire BERC organization.    President Trump has said “I want tariffs. And I want someone to bring me tariffs.” When it comes to solar, he will have a chance to levy […]

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8 November 2017

DOE Appliance Standards Program

This is the second of a multi-post blog series by the BERC-Action community on President Trump’s proposed budget. The first piece was on the Importance of the EPA. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the opinions of the entire BERC organization.    Energy efficiency standards for appliances are the reason why your household energy use […]

3 November 2017

Cleantech to Market: Techno-Economic Modeling with Beth Zotter from Cyclotron Road

When: Tuesday, November 7, 12:30-2:00 pm Where: Haas Chou Hall, Room N300 Lunch: Pizza will be served – First come first serve! Attention Tech Entrepreneurs: When you bring a technology company to market, it helps to create a techno-economic model to better understand your business costs. This can improve revenue modeling and business model design. Beth Zotter from Cyclotron Road has been […]