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15 March 2017

Building Our Energy Future: The Path Forward

Jim Rogers, Former CEO of Duke Energy, addresses cleantech professionals, academics and students at the BERC Energy Summit. “Cleantech opportunity today is as great as it has ever been.” That’s how Jim Rogers, Former CEO of Duke Energy, kicked off this year’s BERC Energy Summit on Friday, February 24. Unfortunately, a bright future does not […]

11 February 2016

Cleantech in the “Circular Economy”

This month’s Cleantech Forum in San Francisco convened a number of diverse, but similarly relevant panels and breakout sessions around the topics of clean energy and sustainability innovation. One panel topic in particular stood out to me as an often-overlooked piece of the sustainability puzzle: transitioning our exhaustive material flows into closed loops.

29 October 2015

Oslo – Car Free in 5 Years?

A couple of days ago Oslo, the Norwegian capital, became the first major city to pledge to be completely car free. Oslo plans to ban cars from it’s city center within four years. Traffic congestion is a major issue around the world and some of the world’s crowded cities are developing strategies to combat traffic and thereby also cut their greenhouse emissions.

15 April 2015

Ozone Drive: Accelerating the Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Angel Samartino (MBA ’10) is the founder and CEO of Ozone Drive, a cleantech startup dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles by allowing individuals to experience the thrill of driving an EV through a 100% electric car-sharing service. Follow their crowdfunding campaign here!

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25 March 2015

Transportation: Land of Cleantech Opportunity

Over 95% of the 1 billion cars in the world are parked at any given time and 95% of the energy consumed by a car is spent on moving the vehicle forward, not the person it is transporting. The many shortcomings of the modern transportation that have left tremendous opportunities for innovative cleantech solutions to truly revolutionize the system.

29 January 2015

The Future of Electric Vehicles in CA

The BERC-E community recently met for the first time in 2015 to talk about the recent progress of California’s Electric Vehicle program.

2 September 2014

Model III, Model T?

Tesla Motors’ new Model III has the potential to become the 21st century’s Model T by introducing the electric car to the mass-market consumer and thereby causing disruptive change in the automobile industry.

24 March 2014

Tesla News: Loses New Jersey, Plans to build a Gigafactory

Tesla Motors’ current efforts focus on making third generation Model X car more affordable and on building the “Gigafactory” to mass-produce lithium ion batteries for its electric vehicles. The company is also facing backlash from some state governments due to its direct sales model that circumvents car dealerships.