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3 December 2015

Berkeley Team at Duke Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition

A cross-disciplinary Berkeley team recently competed in the Duke Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition. It was an incredible learning experience featuring a business case from Off-Grid Electric, an energy access provider in Tanzania.

Cover Page_ US-India WTo
19 October 2015

The India – USA solar dispute with the WTO

The new Indian government has aggressive plans for the country’s renewable energy sector. India plans to add nearly 100,000 MW of solar power and 60,000 MW of wind power. An important vehicle for facilitating the growth of India’s solar sector is the National Solar mission (NSM). Under the NSM, wherein solar projects are allocated by […]

7 October 2015


Solar net metering was introduced in 1980s and is continuing. In recent past, few US states considered to stop net metering but did not. Will net metering be banned or something else will gradually eclipse it?

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21 September 2015

BERC Engineers: Passive Radiative Cooling

BERC-E held a lively discussion of a new cooling technology detailed in a recent Nature paper, “Passive radiative cooling below ambient air temperature under direct sunlight.” The new cooling method uses panels to passively cool by sending heat out to deep space. This technology is currently being studied by a team in the Cleantech to Market class.

14 September 2015

Autodesk Design Night – Energy Hacking

Autodesk has been hosting “Design Nights” for over a year now to provide students and professionals with an opportunity to realize the potential for software in achieving social good. For their Energy Hacking Night, Autodesk showcased how technologies can inform the way we think about curbing energy and climate change.

27 July 2015

A highlight of RE Invest 2015

A highlight of RE Invest 2015 – the Government of India’s flagship renewable energy focused global investors meet & expo

29 April 2015

Emergence of the Renewable Energy Era

For the first time in history, renewable energy installations are outpacing new installations of fossil fuel based energy systems, even when accounting for the combined capacity of coal, oil and natural gas. Even though solar energy currently makes up less than 1% of the world’s global energy supply, the tides are changing in the favor of renewable energy technology.

12 November 2014

Atacama – The Sun of Chilean Energy

Chile’s Atacama desert provides some of the best natural conditions in the world for solar power. Chile has supplemented the favorable natural conditions for solar power with encouraging market conditions for utility scale solar projects, leading to the largest solar plant in Latin America.