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2 June 2016

CAL-RAE hosts Microgrid Student Research Poster Session

Following suit with the nascent nature of microgrids and decentralized renewables, on May 2nd, California Renewable and Adaptive Energy (CAL-RAE) held the first-ever poster session on UC Berkeley’s campus explicitly concerning the topic. Learn more about the topics here.

28 April 2016

Has time varying pricing changed consumer behavior in Spain?

Does time-varying pricing significantly increase the efficiency of the decisions that consumers are making? That is, do consumers that currently pay flat rates behave very differently if they faced volatile hourly varying prices? A look at Spain’s solar market may help answer those interesting questions

wind + solar
20 April 2016

2015 – How important was the year for Renewable Energy?

2015 was a breakout for the Renewable energy industry, with the investments and capacity addition surpassing previous records despite falling oil, gas, and coal prices. Here are some of key figures and highlights about renewable energy in 2015, covered in a UNEP report.

19 April 2016

Will community solar be the next rooftop solar?

Green power has traditionally been a product that consumers have paid a premium for above their basic utility rates. With the emergence of rooftop solar and now community solar – and in step with those sector’s available subsidies – consumers are now purchasing green power at a discount to utility rates.

6 April 2016

How a social enterprise is changing fuel-efficient cooking stove technology in India

Cooking stoves may not be a product many of us think about, but cooking still remains a major energy consumer especially in the developing world. Inefficient cooking stoves that run on dirty fuels can cause various health and environmental problems prompting an Indian entrepreneur to design an innovative solution.

A 25 W home - Source: Clean Energy Ministerial
10 March 2016

Powering A Home With 25 W

If the average North American household consumes ~1,400 W, is it possible to power a household with just 25 W? Find out how researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are doing more with less.

11 February 2016

Cleantech in the “Circular Economy”

This month’s Cleantech Forum in San Francisco convened a number of diverse, but similarly relevant panels and breakout sessions around the topics of clean energy and sustainability innovation. One panel topic in particular stood out to me as an often-overlooked piece of the sustainability puzzle: transitioning our exhaustive material flows into closed loops.

3 February 2016

Lessons on doing more for clean energy with less from emerging markets

BERC’s Tenley Ghan reflects on her experiences at Cleantech Forum 2016, especially how innovative companies and investors are trying to do “more with less” in providing energy access to energy poor communities in Kenya and India.