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25 February 2015

How To Build A Microgrid

Microgrids, self-sufficient energy systems that can operate independently from the larger grid have been receiving more and more attention due to its capability to address energy access challenges, especially in remote rural regions where grid development can be both economically and technically challenging.

wind plant in Gansu
25 February 2015

Energy Access in Developing Parts of China

Northwest China’s uneven and hilly landscape makes the traditional grid system difficult to implement. But by taking advantage of the region’s distinct geological features, hydro, solar and wind power have become three major clean energy sources in northwestern area.

11 February 2015

Providing Energy to the Urban Poor

In keeping with this month’s theme of energy access, the BERC-E (BERC Engineers) met this past Monday evening to discuss the issue of energy access for the urban poor. This is an increasingly pressing matter: by 2050, 64% of the world’s population will live in cities.

9 February 2015

The Promise of Energy Storage

Once electricity is generated, it has to be used instantaneously or it will be lost otherwise. Energy storage technologies have the capability to mitigate this historical infrastructure problem and catalyze energy systems innovation in both modern grids and microgrids providing energy access to remote areas.

3 February 2015

Energy Access Across The World

In North America and Europe energy access is not a severe issue with all developed countries having 100% electrification rates across the board. In the developing world, however, access to energy remains a major obstacle for common people, especially in rural areas. UC Berkeley students and BERC Communities are exploring innovative ideas to tackle the various challenges of energy access.

Jpeg 1_ solar generation installation
1 February 2015

How a start-up with UC Berkeley roots is setting up smart microgrids in India’s remotest regions

Gram Power is a technology company setting up smart microgrids in some of India’s remotest areas. It provides reliable and clean energy, revolutionizing the way electricity is supplied to— and consumed by—end rural consumers.