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15 March 2017

Building Our Energy Future: The Path Forward

Jim Rogers, Former CEO of Duke Energy, addresses cleantech professionals, academics and students at the BERC Energy Summit. “Cleantech opportunity today is as great as it has ever been.” That’s how Jim Rogers, Former CEO of Duke Energy, kicked off this year’s BERC Energy Summit on Friday, February 24. Unfortunately, a bright future does not […]

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22 February 2017

The Energy Blockchain – Believe The Hype, Just Don’t Forget The Physics

The analogy of blockchain to jazz was made more than once at Event Horizon, the first major conference on blockchain technology in the energy industry held last week in Vienna. Decentralized, free-form, and without a conductor, blockchains have the potential to transform incumbent centralized power structures. While this may be true for purely digital systems […]

2 June 2016

CAL-RAE hosts Microgrid Student Research Poster Session

Following suit with the nascent nature of microgrids and decentralized renewables, on May 2nd, California Renewable and Adaptive Energy (CAL-RAE) held the first-ever poster session on UC Berkeley’s campus explicitly concerning the topic. Learn more about the topics here.

A 25 W home - Source: Clean Energy Ministerial
10 March 2016

Powering A Home With 25 W

If the average North American household consumes ~1,400 W, is it possible to power a household with just 25 W? Find out how researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are doing more with less.

3 February 2016

Lessons on doing more for clean energy with less from emerging markets

BERC’s Tenley Ghan reflects on her experiences at Cleantech Forum 2016, especially how innovative companies and investors are trying to do “more with less” in providing energy access to energy poor communities in Kenya and India.

3 December 2015

Berkeley Team at Duke Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition

A cross-disciplinary Berkeley team recently competed in the Duke Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition. It was an incredible learning experience featuring a business case from Off-Grid Electric, an energy access provider in Tanzania.

7 October 2015


Solar net metering was introduced in 1980s and is continuing. In recent past, few US states considered to stop net metering but did not. Will net metering be banned or something else will gradually eclipse it?

17 March 2015

What is “Bear” in Swahili?

Last month, BERC members Adrian Gomez, Gerardo Ruiz de Teresa, Molly Starke, Shaila Narang, and Victor Pucci represented UC Berkeley at the inaugural Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition at Duke University in Durham, NC. The competition centered on Powerhive, a Berkeley-based energy company seeking to deploy microgrids in Sub-Saharan Africa for rural electrification.