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29 April 2014

Pollution travels overseas? Global pollution and its future

Is China not only exporting cheap goods, but also overseas pollution to United States?

circular manufacturing
24 February 2014

The Future of Manufacturing: From Linear to Circular

The increasing costs of various material resources may soon give rise to a circular model of industrial production, in which products undergo multiple cycles of manufacturing, use, re-manufacturing and re-use.

net metering
24 February 2014

Net Metering Wars: what should we pay for distributed generation?

BERC’s former co-president Grace Hsu recently attended the Energy Bar Association’s Western Chapter Meeting where she got to listen to an interesting panel on distributed generation (DG) and net energy metering (NEM). Here are her thoughts on the event and the state of net metering.

Delhi smog
24 February 2014

India’s Air Pollution Woes

The poor air quality of India’s capital has recently been making international headlines around the world. New Delhi is competing with Beijing for the unofficial title of the world’s most polluted capital. Some say New Delhi has already surpassed Beijing.

11 February 2014

Pakistan’s infrastructural and environmental challenges

Pakistani infrastructure has generally failed to keep up with the exploding population of that country. The country is currently struggling with challenges of overpopulation compounded with imminent environmental problems caused by climate change.

28 January 2014

Google: Green in More Ways Than One

Google is looking for green in more ways than one. Since 2009, the technology giant has invested over $1 billion in solar and wind farms and recently acquired the smart thermostat producer Nest Labs for $3.2 billion. Here is a closer look on Google cleantech investment activities.

indira gandhi canal
11 November 2013

The Softer Side of Hydro

When we think of hydro, we think of huge ecologically questionable projects. But does hydro have a “soft” side?

4 November 2013

BERC China Focus presents: Global Waste In & Out of China

Come join BERC on Thursday, Nov 7th, from 7:00PM-8:30PM in 0219 Dwinelle to hear more about waste in China.