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2 June 2016

Was 2015 the breakout year for energy storage?

Find out why 2015 might just have been the breakthrough year for energy storage!

11 February 2016

Cleantech in the “Circular Economy”

This month’s Cleantech Forum in San Francisco convened a number of diverse, but similarly relevant panels and breakout sessions around the topics of clean energy and sustainability innovation. One panel topic in particular stood out to me as an often-overlooked piece of the sustainability puzzle: transitioning our exhaustive material flows into closed loops.

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19 November 2015

DOE Invests $20 Million in Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research (Part 1 of 2)

In October, the Department of Energy announced an investment of $20 million in fuel cell research and technologies, to be allocated among ten projects. The ten funded projects will focus on fuel cell research ranging from hydrogen production using microbial biomass conversion to optimization of platinum metal catalysts used in the electrodes of fuel cells.

11 November 2015


An overview of Smart Grid communication technologies. Part 1 describes AMI.

14 October 2015

Homogeneous Catalysis in Biomass Conversion

Biomass valorization is a promising field of research that can potentially reduce CO2 production and develop cost-effective sources of renewable energy. Homogeneous catalysis has the potential to give greater access to lignocellulosic biomass as a chemical feedstock for second-generation biofuels from biomass conversion.

7 August 2015

Carbon Removal As a Mitigation Strategy

Recently, the view that carbon removal is a complement, not a substitute, for other mitigation approaches has gained mainstream acceptance — a positive development that will hopefully help carbon removal solutions emerge in sustainable and appropriate manner for fighting climate change.

15 April 2015

“Legacy” Emissions and Beyond-Neutrality Corporate Emission Reduction Targets

A number of large companies have recently introduced pledges to eliminate carbon emissions entirely in their efforts to fight climate change and grow in a sustainable manner. However, few companies are talking about how they can deal with their emissions from previous decades that still remain in the atmosphere.

10 March 2015

Launch a startup in 54 hours? You can do that.

Hosted in cities across the world, Startup Weekend brings together budding entrepreneurs and challenges them to come up with a successful business pitch for a new company by the end of the weekend. The benefits? Experience developing a business concept, networking opportunities with like-minded individuals, experts, and legal teams, and a chance at the $25,000 grand prize to help kick start your business.