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22 February 2017

The Energy Blockchain – Believe The Hype, Just Don’t Forget The Physics

The analogy of blockchain to jazz was made more than once at Event Horizon, the first major conference on blockchain technology in the energy industry held last week in Vienna. Decentralized, free-form, and without a conductor, blockchains have the potential to transform incumbent centralized power structures. While this may be true for purely digital systems […]

9 December 2016

Should we engage or disengage consumers about their energy usage?

Should we be engaging consumers about their energy behaviors and giving them choice or reducing choice and helping them automate and disengage? While these two objectives seem to compete with one another, I’d argue that maybe they aren’t as opposed as they at first seem.

29 November 2016

Automating Us – The entanglement of people and machines

Technologies like touchscreens, smartphones and the Internet have already transformed the way we interact with the world around us. However, many of these changes will soon be overshadowed by a dramatic reshaping of the way in which we make decisions and carry out tasks, a shift brought along by the development of automation technologies.

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26 November 2016

Potato Solar and Visualizing Gun Violence Take Home Top Prizes at Brave New Hacks

This past weekend, nearly 40 participants from UC Berkeley, Berkeley Lab, and the Bay Area gathered for Brave New Hacks, the 4th annual BERC Cleanweb Hackathon. The event was a huge success, and 7 teams made pitches at the end of the 24-hour event in front of a panel of judges, including Kate Knox of Advanced Microgrid […]

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19 October 2016

Let’s Teach Kids to Ignore Nuclear Lies

Unfounded fears of radiation lead to fears of nuclear power, which in turn limit the potential to increase our utilization of the densest source of emissions-free energy. We’re teaching kids to recognize truths about radiation.

11 February 2016

SF Cleantech Forum 2016 – IoT Platforms

Last week’s Cleantech Forum 2016 in San Francisco featured many exciting discussions and exchanges of the latest cleantech trends, ideas and start-up company efforts. One of the workshops at the forum focused on the developed of the Internet of Things (IoT), specifically how new forms of data are collected and processed on a global scale for a variety of efforts.